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The Angelus Model 59P-MSLF Automatic Seamer


General Specifications
 Net Weight (approximate)

 4350 lbs(1973 kg)

 Shipping Wt. Domestic Approx

 4600 lbs(2085 kg)

 Shipping Wt. Export Approx

 5850 lbs(2653 kg)

 Export Box Size
 71" x 83" x 86" 
(180.3 x 210.8 x 218.4 cm)

 294 cu ft(8.32 m3)

 Horse Power Required


 Revolutions of drive pulley per can


 Minimum Can Diameter


 Maximum Can Diameter*


 Minimum Can Height*


 Maximum Can Height*


Note: *With special equipment nominal minimum can diameter and minimum or maximum can height limits can be extended.


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