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The Canco 006 or 422-1E-000 Closing Machine

General Specifications

 Net Weight (approximate)

 2470 lbs

 Horse Power Required


 RPM of Motor


 Smallest Diameter of can machine will close

 (2-1/8") #202

 Largest Diameter of can machine will close

 (4-1/4") #404

 Lowest can machine will close

 (1-13/16") #113

 Highest can machine will close

 (6-1/4") #604

 Maximum speed recommended, in cans per minute





Close up of the Canco 006 Seaming Head

Range of can sizes this seaming head will close.

 Machine Type



Special Diameter

Special Height

Atmospheric Closure

202 to 404

213 to 604

Yes, any diameter range 207 to 404

Yes, any height range 113 to 900

Steam Flow Closure

202 to 404

113 to 604

Change Parts for Canco 006 or 422-1E-000

All parts are built in accordance with the best practice of high grade manufacturing. Materials of construction are carefully chosen, the parts are accurately machined and inspected to assure customer satisfaction, continued accuracy, and long life.

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