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The Canco #1 Western Semi-Automatic Closing Machine


The #1 Western was originally developed to fill the need for an up-to-date semi-automatic closing machine with a wide range and inexpensive change parts. It will close either double-seamed or single-seamed round cans.

Pegasus is rebuilding these older can seamers with the best practice of high grade manufacturing and thoroughly testing them before they leave the factory. If properly lubricated, oiled and adjusted these machines can give a long and satisfactory service.

The #1 Western has two automatic features: an automatic Can Lift for raising cans onto the Chuck and an automatic Cover Feed for delivering covers from a stack to the Seaming Head. These two features combine to give the machine a high speed coupled with the hightest degree of safety. The effort on the operator's part is reduced to a minumum, making for a sustained high output. Furthermore it is furnished with Cover Feed unless otherwise specified. This reduces output about 30%. The machine shown on this webpage is a #1 Western that has been modified to operate as a vacuum seamer. To do this the cover feed section had to be removed.

The #1 Western has an unusually wide range both for height and diameter, and the arrangements for changing to different sizes and for making proper adjustments are simple, making change-overs possible several times a day with little downtime.



The Machine is fitted with an individual motor drive. A V-Belt Drive is standard for this purpose. A portable unit may be furnished when desired. this unit consistes of 4 roller casters with brackets that are easily applied or removed at any time. The motor drive and the caster make the #1 Western and independent and self-contained machine that can be placed in any convenient location in a cannery. This can seamer is especially cost effective for the new entrepreneur.




Just think your old seamer could go from looking like this!





To looking like this!





All parts are carefully removed and measured to take into account the correct tolerances for the making of the new parts. All castings are cleaned and painted with stainless steel pigment paint. Old parts are used as samples to create new parts. Then all the new parts are assembled in the machine and adjusted to the right tension for proper running speeds and seam closing. Afterwards the machine is tested in ensure accurate closure of the single or double-seam. Since many of the parts are no longer available from the original manufacturer the Pegasus team creates any necessary parts for reconstruction from sample parts provided with the machine. If you should need parts made for your can seamer from samples please contact us for a quotation regarding the manufacture of these parts.

General Specifications

 Net Weight without cover feed (approx.)  600 lbs
 Net Weight with cover feed (approx.)  660 lbs
 Floor space required overall  32-1/2" x 27"
 Height overall  65"
 Distance Floor to Center of Drive Shaft  55-3/4"
 Distance Floor to Feed Line for Cans (varies)  33-13/32" to 41-29/32"
 Horse Power Required  1-1/2HP
 Output per Minute (depending on can size and skill of operator)  20-30cpm
 Speed of Drive Pulley (revolutions per minute)  460
 Size of the Drive Pulley  10" x 2-3/4"
 Size of Belt (Belt Driven Machines)  2-1/2" Single Ply
 Number of Revolutions of Drive Pulley to close one can  12
 Smallest Diameter of can machine will close  1-3/8"
 Largest Diameter of can machine will close  7"
 Lowest can machine will close  3"
 Lowest can machine will close with Standard Lifter  1/2"
 Highest can machine will close with Cover Feed  9-3/4"
 Highest can machine will close without Cover Feed & Special Lifter  10-3/4"
 Highest can machine will close without Cover Feed  10-1/2"
 Highest can machine will close without Cover Feed, but with Special Lifter  11-1/2"

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