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Rebuilt and As Is Can Seamers and various other types of Food Machinery for Sale


The can seamers pictured here have been completely or partially rebuilt. All seamers can be modified for Atmospheric or Steam Flow. Change Parts can be installed to your specifications. See the details that follow for a closer look at each can seamer. To request a quotation click on the link that follows after each machine description.


Canco 08 Can Closing Machine

This can seamer is a steam flow currently 
setup on 603. 

It can be reset to customer's specifications.

Can also be altered to be an Atmospheric 
Can Seamer.








Close up pictures of the integral parts of the Canco 08 Can Seamer

Underside of the seaming head and the lifter mechanism.


Lower view of the Lifter & Close up of the Seaming Head


Canco 06 Steam Flow Can Seamer
Currently set on 300 X 407 but can be 
set up to 211 dia to 404 diameter
per customer request.

Includes a new motor, a full set of 
brand new bronze Change Parts at
any size requested.
New bearings, bushings, and toolings.



Close up view of the Seaming Head and Lifter Mechanism


Canco 600 IUV Vacuum Can Seamer for Rectangular Sandwich Meat Can



This can seamer is sold As Is in good running condition.

Setup to close a 4" X 4" X 1108 high can for packing 6lb lunchmeat.
It has an Auto Chain Infeed & Discharge with an Auto Cover Feed.


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